About Us

"Every great design begins with an even better story"



The Collected Co Interiors uses beautiful design resolution as a way of telling our client’s story.

We appreciate how interiors can significantly and positively impact our everyday lives and deliver tailored and considered design solutions.

Sydney based, we specialise in high-end residential work, creating layered and bespoke interiors which directly respond to our client’s lifestyle, requirements and passions.


With each project and design process being unique, we draw on all facets of design to ensure each interior space has purpose and personality, finished details and decorated ambiance.

Our designed interiors are inviting, precise, and deceptively simple - quality and luxury are at the forefront of all that we create.


We have knowledge and access to a large array of resources, and collaborate regularly with architects, builders, suppliers, landscapers, artists and artisans, to create intelligent and cohesive interior spaces for our clients.





Before establishing The Collected Co Interiors, Allison was fortunate to spend more than 12 years working with several global luxury interior brands, all who hold quality, innovation and distinction at the forefront of what they do.

Combined with formal design training, this distinctive passion for meticulous design, bespoke craftsmanship, and detailed finishes enabled her to develop an innate and individual style aesthetic.


Allison loves being immersed in a world of wonderful aesthetics and design while creating for her clients their dream interiors. She believes our homes are the canvas on which we show the world who we are, and how we perceive our homes influences the way we feel.

With a luxurious yet practical design sensibility, Allison values a refined and functional aesthetic devoid of typical trends.


Allison lives in Sydney with her husband Andre, and two gorgeous young sons, Oscar and Leo.

Dip.Interior Design

Dip.Creative Visual Arts

Our Formula

Mission and objectives

We live at an increasingly fast pace in today's world, therefore the way we live in our homes should offer balance and harmony.

A home should not only be an escape from the outside world, but also an enlightening environment that makes us happy. It should also reflect the individual personality and way of life of its owners, and communicate how they perceive the world.

The spaces in which we share our individual experiences with family and friends should not take energy, but instead restore.

Our biggest aim is to ensure that people feel content in their homes, so that everyone who enters can also feel the happiness of life.

Often in creating a home, this means searching for this emotion in every decision that's made.

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