Interior Design & Decoration

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love" 

The Collected Co Interiors celebrates beautiful design in all it's manifestations. 

Based in Sydney and the Northern Beaches, our studio delivers unique and considered interior solutions for our clients.

Our work seeks to elevate the way we live, and in a world full of trends, our focus is on spaces which embody lasting soul, sophistication and function.

We provide detailed and unique design solutions for your project, from the initial concept through to completion, and our process encompasses an array of decorative and design services such as;

  • Concept design & Spatial planning,

  • Design development and Documentation,

  • Approval documents if required (DA),

  • Sourcing and specification for furniture, lighting, materials and finishes,

  • Custom joinery design,

  • Art procurement & curation, and

  • Styling

Interior Design & Decoration

Art Procurement

"Art enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton

A homes interior design is defined by it's details, and art selections are what really enhance a home and make it unique and vibrant. Art and sculpture bring a beauty and sophistication to interiors, and can make highly personal statements about it's occupants.


The Collected Co works to both incorporate our clients existing artworks and object d'art within their interior scheme, and also to procure new pieces as required. 

Rather than being an afterthought, art is an integral part of the completed design, and therefore considered it at the onset of a project, then throughout each stage of the design process. 

We actively work with galleries and dealers to provide our clients with an unrivalled portfolio of works from both major and minor artists. Regularly procuring a variety of fine artworks through to significant pieces for our clients interiors, we facilitate an end-to-end service including specialised delivery and hanging/installation

Our service provides confidential research, verification, negotiation and absolute discretion to our clients.